How to measure your hand size of nitrile gloves?

Do you have any idea how to measure your hand size for Gloves?

Here always come some people that don’t know how to get their number of their hand size. If you are the one that cannot measure for the accurate hand size, we have a good article to tell you how to check the right size of your size on gloves.

Quick reference

As you know, there are the regular size 7 glove. Then how big is the size 7 glove?

Sizes 7 and 8 (Small and Medium) are common caucasian female glove sizes, and size 10 (Large or Extra Large) is commonly used for caucasian males.

It may be wise to order several sizes to ensure a successful fit for various employees.

Maybe the video can show you how.

And, we present different valuable measurement except for the video.

How to Measure Hands for Mittens and Gloves

Step by step to size your glove

Before you determining the glove size, we need to get an exact inch number. Here is the step by step method on how to find the size inch number of your glove size.

Step by Step measure hand size
Step by Step measure hand size

Without a tape?

But how to measure glove size if you don’t have a measuring tape? Use a ruler 📏 and anything that can be easily wrapped around your hand 🧵: a string, flexible tape, a strip of paper, or even a piece of dental floss. Wrap the string around your palm, mark the point where it overlaps, and measure the length of the string against a ruler.

Just do the measurement with the picture shows. Do exactly what it present and you will get the right size of your glove size.

Then, how to find your glove size?

Just with table and you will get the right glove size when you compare the glove size table with your measurement result.

Here is the following general information.

remember, men’s size and women’s size are totally different.

Men’s Sizes:

• Extra Small: 7½ inches and smaller

• Small: 7½ – 8½ inches

• Medium: 8½ – 9½ inches

• Large: 9½ – 10½ inches

• Extra Large: 10½ – 11½ inches

• XXL: 11½ inches and larger

Women’s Sizes:

• Extra Small: 6½ inches and smaller

• Small: 6½ – 7 inches

• Medium: 7 – 7½ inches

• Large: 7½ – 8 inches

• Extra Large: 8 inches and larger

• XXL: N/A

This comes to the table, and you will get it clearly when checking the right number with the right table.

Men’s gloves sizes

Men's gloves sizes
Men's gloves sizes

Women’s gloves sizes

Women's gloves sizes
Women's gloves sizes

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title: How to measure your hand size of nitrile gloves?


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