What lies ahead in our journey of success.

Beyond the Horizons

Shielder Medical was started with the keen intention and desire to provide high-quality gloves to the world which provides the right protection in many industries in which they are utilized in. It is what has brought us into the successful stage which we are at in the present with high demand from all over the world along with the great reputation for the brand Shielder Medical which is trusted by many industries and businesses in the world.

We aim to power up our mission in growing even higher in the business of manufacturing the best quality gloves to the world, by the same vision which has always served as our secret of growing to be the successful business we are now. The dedication we carry that extends to the entire fleet of enthusiastic employees we have will strongly power up the vision to do more along with the assistance of the latest technologies involved in our manufacturing process.

Our aim for the future is to improve our products and services in both quality and the integrity of the service, which will fulfill the demand of the world for safety through gloves in many industries.

Improving Quality

We are keen on improving the quality of our products that provides better protection in each and every industry, that meets the current demands.

Improving Capacity

The ever-growing demand for our gloves in the world has pushed us to improve and increase the capacity of our production through the support of technology.

Expected Growth


The Latest

Get to know what we do to improve our services and how are planning to grow our services to improve our manufacturing of high-quality gloves through the dedication of the workforce and the involvement of the latest technology.