The valuable Clients that have kept their trust in us.


Our Notable Clients

In the recognition of our high-quality production of gloves that suits various industries, many international and local clients of large scale have collaborated with us, signing us up as their official provider of the best quality gloves that provide safety in their respective industries and utilizations. We are always dedicated to provide them a consistent supply of our products with preserves quality by each piece and keep on improving the quality to provide them better service in the future.


HXPP is one of our notably large clients who has kept their trust in our products to be suitable and high quality.

We are providing them a consistent and large-scale bulk supply of our protective gloves that enables them in performing their industrial tasks with the expected safety and sterility intact always. We are dedicated provide them the best service of our potential, always.

Zhejiang Electronic Port

Trusting in our ever-improving quality of the products and the integrity of the service we provide, Zhejiang Electronic Port chosen us to be their trusted partner.

Enabling them performing their tasks in confidence we are officially taking care of their needs of gloves that provide them the necessary safety in the process that ensures the quality and safety. We are proud to have them on board with us, trusting in our products.

Bank Of China

Keeping their trust in the production of our gloves that we do in high quality, The Bank of China is one of our proudly notable and biggest clients.

As we are the leading manufacturer of gloves in the world with high quality growing always, they have chosen us as the official supplier of the high-quality gloves to be utilized in their business process they provide them with the ensured safety through the high quality.