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Shielder Medical as the largest manufacturer of protective gloves in the world always focuses on ensuring the quality of the product by each piece we provide, this quality and the dedication we make to preserve it intact has been one of the key factors which the world has recognized us as the best manufacturer of gloves.

Powered up with the motivation and dedication to improving the quality along with the capacity, we have been aiming for the increased efficiency that is essential to meet the ever-growing business demands of the world.

Proving our dedication a fruitful result, our reach and the position in the international market is growing rapidly day by day empowered by the trust we have gained from numerous industries as the company which manufactures the best quality gloves with 100% authenticity that tey can keep their trust on. We are currently the largest manufacturer of gloves with the fastest moving stocks in the world which a lot of large clients have chosen us to be their official provider of high-quality gloves.


Powering up the efficiency, opening up new employment opportunities every month.


Meeting the ever-growing demand for high-quality gloves for various industries in the world.


Keeping strong trust in us and our high-quality gloves to be their official safety provider.


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