Maintaining the Supply that Meets Demand with Quality.


The Largest Manufacturer

“We believe that the true capacity of production is contained with two essential parts. One being the Quality of the products, and the other being the Quantity. It is only when these two meet it can be called capacity.” 

We are a high-quality manufacturer of gloves for various industries in the world, which is renowned as the biggest manufacturer of high-quality gloves in the world. As a result of this name, the demand we get for our products is rising by each day.

In order to meet this high demand with keeping the ensured high quality intact, it is essential to improve the quantity in our production. Shielder medical keeps on expanding its manufacturing facilities along with the improvement of its production to make it happen.

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Jiangxi contains with 600 lines of PVC & Nitrile and the production house produces 80 Billion per annum.


Jiangsu contains with 50 lines of PVS and 50 lines of PVC & Nitrile Blended separately. 


Hainan contains with 50 lines of Nitrile and the production house produces 40 Billion per annum.


Meeting the World Demands

Along with the development of the world, the demand for improves protection with gloves is increasing rapidly each day. Each new industry that emerges, the natural challenges we face, everything demands more production of high-quality gloves. In response to these demands and in recognition of the future demands that we have to fulfill, we, as the biggest manufacturer of high-quality gloves in the world keep expanding our product lines through establishing new manufacturing facilities.